About Vision Night Club

Vision Nightclub is hosted every Saturday by HOT 102.7 in The Eagle Theatre, one of downtown Pontiac's most historically rich buildings. There are multiple levels here, all with pristine antique architecture that you absolutely will not see in any other club. There are many bars inside, and many comfortable lounging areas with exquisite leather furniture that you can really sink right down into. It's so comfortable. On the lowest level you'll find the dance floor, with electronic music and rap spun by DJ Gary Chandler from HOT 102.7.

Head up the stairs to the top level and you'll find the private VIP area that can be rented for your special events like bachelorette parties or birthday parties. There are even more comfortable digs up here, with better seating and a much more upscale bar. You'll get a practically high-resolution view of the intricate details in the architecture here that you can only admire from afar when you're down on the lower levels, and you'll also have an incredible view of the city that is unrivaled by any other party spot. Of all the clubs that we love in Pontiac, this one really comes out on top. Located on Saginaw north of Water Street.

Vision Night Club
15 South Saginaw
Pontiac, MI 48341
(248) 758-9770