About Majestic Cafe

Majestic Cafe in Pontiac, not to be confused with The Majestic in downtown Detroit, is a laid back bar with no frills. The owners of this establishment understand that a great bar comes down to the people who frequent it, the food that is served there, and the drinks that are poured or mixed by skilled bartenders. We know, and you know, that it is not about premium leather seating, nor is it about overpriced drinks, and it's especially not about an upscale vibe that comes at the cost of a relaxing good time! Majestic Cafe really gets it right.

The drinks are cheap and yet very strong, and the beers are ice cold. The bartenders, waitstaff, and regulars alike are all very friendly and welcoming! The tabletop shuffleboard is nothing short of awesome, and you can easily wile away the hours playing that game with your friends. You'd be surprised how fun it is. Majestic Cafe is just a great unpretentious bar, period. No frills, no bells and whistles, and no bull. Located on Cesar E Chavez Street near the intersection with Baldwin Avenue.

Majestic Cafe
156 Cesar E Chavez Ave
Pontiac, MI 48342-2048
(248) 335-2581