About Charlies Roost

Charlie's Roost is a comfortable little bar in Pontiac, located on Baldwin Avenue between Columbia Avenue and Kennett Road. We love seeing that familiar green sign on the front wall of the bar when we drive past, and somehow it always lures us in for "just one drink" that turns into another... and another... and another! Before you know it, it's last call and we've wrapped up yet another night of good times and great conversation at Charlie's! The ambiance reminds us of a classic bar like "Cheers," and the service is equally friendly and welcoming. The regulars all know each other and the bartenders definitely do know our names.

After a couple of visits you'll see why we can't get enough of this bar. Delicious bar fare, cheap drinks that are never watered down, and lots of great conversation to be had with the bartender if you sit at the bar, or with any one of the regulars if you're sitting at one of the tables. Everybody is so friendly here, it doesn't matter if you come in alone or with friends, you'll have made some new ones by the time those lights flicker on at the end of the night! Charlie's Roost is highly recommended!

Charlie's Roost
975 Baldwin Ave
Pontiac, MI 48340-2607
(248) 335-2120