About Tiki Bobs

Looking for an endless spring break? You've got to try Tiki Bob's. This nightclub is one of our favorites in Pontiac, and Channel 955 agrees with us! They host college night on Tuesday nights with Miller Lite flowing all night long for just two bucks. Women get in free until 10:30 PM, so take note ladies and get there early! The doors open at 9:00 PM and eighteen and up are welcome. Thursday nights are sponsored by Provodkative Entertainment and Get Money Entertainment, and they are dubbed The Patron Experience. You can get three buck shots of Patron, and that's a deal that's just too good to resist!

Friday is known as Frat House Friday, essentially another college night (because two is always better than one!). Appetizers, prizes, and crazy happy hour specials! Saturday is ladies night, with one buck drinks from 9:00-10:00 PM, two buck drinks from 10:00-11:00PM, and ninety-five cent shots all night long! Sunday nights are available for private rental, which makes it perfect for those sexy bachelorette parties! Tiki Bob's has got to be Pontiac's hottest and wildest nightspot. You can find it on Saginaw right in the middle of all the downtown Pontiac action!