About Mill Street Grille

Mill Street Grille is instantly recognizable by that classic black awning on its South Mill Street location. It used to be a part of the Walden Hotel, but nowadays it's a standalone restaurant. The meals here are mostly American cuisine and some delicious barbecue favorites. We are big fans of the blue cheese burgers, and we'd venture to say they're the best ones you'll find in this area. In the daytime this is one of our favorite places to go for a great meal with wonderful service and impressive ambiance.

In the evenings, Mill Street Grille turns into more of a bar scene, but still with that elegant touch that it has in the daytime. It's a joy to sit at the bar and have a meaningful conversation with your date, or if you arrived solo, to chat up someone new or just shoot the breeze with the bartender. It's relaxed and cool inside, never too pretentious or stuffy, and we've never had anything less than an excellent time here. The drink prices aren't too expensive, and they're always good and strong, perfectly mixed. The beer selection is pretty good, and it's always served at just the right ice cold temperature. You will find this one on Mill Street (of course!), south of Huron Street.

Mill Street Grille
12 Mill
Pontiac, MI 48342
(248) 454-8132