About Jerry's Sports & Beer

Jerry's Sports & Beer is a cool little laid back bar in Pontiac. Most of the bars and clubs in the area put a lot of effort into trying to be upscale and impressive, and they tend to forget that a truly great bar is more about delicious burgers, good strong drinks, and great conversation than about fancy lighting and expensive furniture! That's not the case at Jerry's. This is all about good times watching the game, period. This little bar has to be one of our best finds, and one of the best kept secrets in town too.

Speaking of great finds, they've got one buck burgers on Thursdays that will really fill you up without emptying your wallet, which is cool because it leaves more money for drinks! The crowds that gather here are fun-loving people of all ages, a very diverse group yet it seems like everybody has something in common. Club Keno is the main form of entertainment here, and it's lots of fun. If you've never tried it up to now, this is a great place to learn the game. The staff is happy to help out the newcomers. Jerry's Sports & Beer is located on Cesar E. Chavez Avenue in Pontiac, south of Kennett Road.

Jerry's Sports & Beer
910 Cesar E Chavez Ave
Pontiac, MI 48340-2336
(248) 334-1931