About Satch's Place

Satch's Place is a cozy little bar and grill that we've recently become aware of in the Pontiac area. It's all about having a laid back and relaxed evening while sipping on some of the best mixed drinks that you've ever tasted. If you're not big on mixed drinks or liquor, note that the beer selection is really good, with your favorite domestics and imports on draft and in bottles. There are drink specials that will help you to go light on your bank account, and the prices for a juicy burger or other delicious pub fare are nice and low so that won't cost you too much either!

The service is a throwback to the good old days when the bartenders and waitstaff really cared about their loyal patrons. You won't find yourself tapping your fingers on the table waiting for someone to come and take your drink order, because they pay attention to the level of liquid in that glass and just before you've finished it, they're right there ready to take your next order! The place is very clean and simply decorated, with the focus on the food, drinks, and service rather than on pretense or trying too hard! You've got to love a little gem of a bar like this. Located on Cesar E Chavez Avenue north of Woodward.

Satch's Place
137 Cesar E Chavez Ave
Pontiac, MI 48342-2046
(248) 335-3635