About Little Davids Island Bar

Little David's Island Bar, also known to many as Little David's Bikini Bar, is known as much for its sexy bikini contests as it is for its great drinks and good times! They often have hot body contests where the hottest girl in a bikini can win as much as five hundred bucks! As if that's not enough of an attraction, Little David's just happens to be a really great bar with an island hideaway feel. You'll find none of that kitschy tiki decor here though... just smooth Latin inspired decor in rich colors with purple accents. The hits that the DJ spins match up with that flow, with lots of Latin flavor plus hip hop and dance.

There are lots of tables in the daytime so you can sit and enjoy the food, and at night they clear the tables out to create a spacious dance floor. The comfortable seating stays, and makes for a great place to relax between songs. If you need something besides dancing, drinking, and dining to keep you busy, you'll be happy to know that they also have fifteen plasma TV sets around the establishment so you can catch the game or whatever else happens to be on. There's also a pool table, and a private VIP room for those who rate VIP status! You can find Little David's Island Bar on Kennett Street just east of Baldwin Avenue.

Little David's Island Bar
22 East Kennett
Pontiac, MI 48340
(248) 454-3210